Sunday, January 6, 2013

Time to Shake Off the Christmas Break

I doesn't seem like it was long enough. Two weeks....couldn't it be just a little longer? Oh well....tomorrow is my first day back after the break and it is a professional development day. kiddos or lessons.

But wait.....I don't have any kiddos or lessons until after Martin Luther King, Jr. Day because we (meaning myself & the other gifted teacher in our district) will be busy screening ALL the first graders in our district to see how many will be tested to participate in our gifted program. Last year, out of 45 students screened there were 24 that moved to the next level and were tested by the psychometrist. Out of those 24.....**drumroll** 19 of those sweet little babies made it into the gifted program. That is just the ones that were on MY end of the district. The other teacher I mentioned....I don't really remember how many she got in the end...but it was a good many.

So....I am wondering just how many we will get from this new batch of first graders.....Of course the teachers always think their students are the best and the brightest....we will see which ones make it!

Since today is my last day of *freedom* so to speak....I am working on a new Literacy Centers Task Cards packet for my TpT store. I am hoping to get it finished today so it can be proofed and uploaded to my store. This packet will have activities for fact & fiction, analogies, sentence correction, and of course....writing. There will be instructions for the kiddos and teachers as well as answer documents and that nice little answer key for all the activities included.

I know what you are thinking....does she make these items just for her store? Absolutely not! Everything I make, my students use in my classroom. Believe me....they are some tough cookies to please and if they don't like doesn't get uploaded. This one I'm working on we used in the classroom before Christmas....I am just making a few little changes based on what I heard and observed while my students were using them.

Hope you all have a great week......