Monday, September 2, 2013

My Absence From Blogging

In the past when I would have a long period of time between blogs, I would always say that life just got in the way. Usually this just meant that I didn't take the time to do any blogging. However, this absence has been different. or rather death did get in the way. You see, my sweet husband lost his battle with cancer in July. Let me tell you, even though you know its isn't any easier. You think you are prepared....but you aren't! The past 6 weeks have been extremely tough and I know this process they call grief isn't done.

This post is a tribute to my husband of almost 22 years. We had some good times, we had some not so good times....but we had more times that were absolutely AWESOME!!! I am so happy that we met and fell in love! He was and is the light of my life! My soul mate and I miss him terribly!!!

This photo was taken in September 2012 on Chesapeake Bay while he was visiting our daughter. We were a year into the cancer treatments at this time....if you didn't know he was couldn't look at him and tell.

I love you Sweetie....all the days of my life!!!



  1. You will be in my prayers... and I know in the thoughts and prayers of many others as well. God bless...


  2. You are in my prayers. May God continue to comfort you.