Thursday, October 4, 2012

Monday Made It - Monthly Edition

OK...I know that Monday has passed....however, I was determined to go ahead and get my Monday Made Its posted and linked over to Tara at 4th Grade Frolics. I just love hopping around looking at all the goodies everyone has made for their classrooms.....don't you?

So snap some photos of your "Made Its" and link up with Tara at 4th Grade Frolics. on to what I've made in the past month. I have to be honest here....I really think I made more things...but I didn't take my photos as I finished them and probably forget some...but oh are the ones I remember. BTW....please forgive the crummy photos...My lights in my classroom are on the blink AGAIN!!!

The first item up for show is my Reading Olympics board...this is where some of  my students projects will be posted. I do have some that were too large for the board and they are also hanging around my room. I got the idea of this project from Stephanie at Teaching in Room 6. I changed up some of the activities that she had for the levels that she had provided and then created activities for the remaining Silver and Gold levels. My students just began doing this in the board has a way to go before it is full. But, here it is......

The next item up for show is my calendar. I am so proud of this little isn't really a critter...nor is it little. But, I am loving it and so are my kiddos!! You see for many years, I have only used a little perpetual room for birthdays or anything. So we are just way too excited about this calendar! I purchased the labels from Bridget at Little Lovely Leaders. You can find the calendar set in her TpT store HERE.

 I got a wild hair this past month and decided my tables looked crappy and I wasn't going to put up with it anymore. I know you have all seen the "How to make chalkboard paint" floating around Pinterest. Well...there were so many of them....I don't really know who to give credit for I am going to just say....I got the idea from Pinterest!

Now my tables don't look crappy any more!! I am so doing the happy are my kiddos...they are loving being able to write on the tables....and not getting in trouble for it!

This next item...I believe I got the idea from someone who in the past did a Monday Made It....I just can't remember who it was and I can't find my piece of paper that I wrote it on....Oh the horrors of getting old!! Anyway....I digress. You all know all the "READ" letters that are cutified (ok...I know this probably isn't a word...but it is now) up going all around Pinterest and blogs everywhere....well this is sort of that except the person I copied used Glitter foam.....and now so have I. I have 10 inch glitter foam letters that spell "READ" I am so pumped!!! Just take a look!!

YES....they are on top of one of my chalkboard tables at the present...because my short self can't reach where I want them. I will be getting the ladder from the custodian next week.

My last item....I basically only printed and laminated....but I still consider that making it....I had to cut them out and everything.....Right? I got these from Rachel Lynette....and they were FREE!! Now who doesn't like FREE?? You can get them in her TpT store HERE. 

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my Monday Made It - monthly edition. Come on over to Tara's blog at 4th Grade Frolics and link up with your Monday Made It.


  1. I love your calendar! It's so cute!! Those tables are neat you provide chalk at all times or just certain times?
    I feel your pain on the shortness too...had to have a student reach something for me the other!
    I'm your newest follower too!
    Spotted Around the School

    1. Chalk is available at all times...however they know they must finish my work prior to writing on the tables. Although, I have used them as part of the lesson as well!

  2. So cute!! So sad I haven't been stopping by blogs recently.. how are you doing, Dee? Hope all is well! Let me know if you ever need anything!

    Laura Love to Teach :)