Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Project Based Learning

In my gifted/talented class, we have begun using project based learning. Let me back up a bit...we have mostly been doing units that had some project element to it....but I have been researching Project-Based Learning and decided that this was what my kiddos needed to be doing...at least a part of the day.

So....this week is the first lesson that have been delivered....yes...I know it has only been two days in this week yet....but because I serve a 6th grade class on Monday and 2nd through 6th grade on Tuesday that means I have actually delivered the beginning of both of the lessons that will be taught for my two Project-Based Learning units. My 4th through 6th grade are doing a unit on Heroes (classical & contemporary) and my 2nd and 3rd grade are doing a unit on how we communicate (this is a writing/art unit that requires them learn about vivid language(adjectives, similes, and metaphors). I must say today was an absolute blast. While I worked with the little ones....my older ones read a Greek myth and discussed the character traits of the characters that made them heroes. But that isn't all....I was worried this would be a little boring for them....they were so engaged....I was totally amazed!

So....I figure the rest of the week has to be good. I have only 2nd grade tomorrow....but there are 12 of them...so we will see how that goes. Then I have 3rd grade on Thursday. This one should be a piece of cake. Then Friday I will have 4th and 5th. This should prove to be another day filled with some awesome discussion about Greek myths.

I have to say....I am always amazed when my lessons go over so well....gifted/talented students can be some tough cookies sometimes.

What kind of day/week have you had? I would really like to know!



  1. I have been researching project based learning. Here is a post I did about a week ago: http://ideabackpack.blogspot.com/2012/10/livebinders-and-resources-for-project.html. How do you start with creating your project. What types of inquiry based questions do you use to get started?

    ~April Walker
    The Idea Backpack

    1. April....I read that post of yours and actually replied to it about the Livebinders. I had never heard of it....and I must say...Live binders is going to make my life much easier once I get the hang of it.

      As for PBL....My essential question for the hero unit actually came into being due to a discussion I had with a group of students...then it just snowballed from there.

      Have you found any interesting ways to come up with the essential questions? I would love to know if there are websites anywhere that you know about that can help us with this one.

  2. Not being a teacher but having experience with my own kids (1 in gifted, the other w/developmental delays)and now grand children - it seems like project based learning would be a great way for just about any child to learn - and maybe more of it would be a good thing! Think this even applies to me!

    1. Kris....thanks for stopping by! I do believe int he project-based learning style. Now that I have done more research, I realize that what I always thought was project-based...really isn't. But I am growing as a teacher and learning new things. I hope all is well with you!

  3. Hope you're enjoying your break. It sounds like you've been having a blast while learning, too! I nominated you for the Liebster Award. Stop by my blog!