Saturday, November 24, 2012

Cyber Monday (and Tuesday) Sale on TpT and a Freebie

I know....I know!! I haven't been a good blogger lately. It just seems like everything has gotten so busy around here. I really will try to do better!

Now....Thanksgiving has passed and so has Black Friday....but we still have Cyber Monday coming up and I am linking up with Michelle over at The 3 am Teacher to do the Cyber Monday and Tuesday sale for my store at TpT.

At this particular moment I only have one item that is Christmas or Winter related...although I have my entire store on sale for this shindig! However, I am working on finishing up a couple more Christmas/Winter items that I hope to get in the store before the sale starts on Monday.

Check out these Christmas Writing Prompt Cards in my store a TpT.
cropped - writing prompts 

Be sure to hop on over to TpT and get your cart filled in anticipation for the sale. I know my cart is overflowing. I have so many items that I must have....I can't be the only person who feels this way. Just come join me on Monday (and Tuesday) for this fabulous sale.

BTW....don't forget all the other teachers that are participating int his sale, too! Just click on the links and go check them out. I think you will find many items you just can't live without!

Now....I promised a freebie and I am going to deliver. I have created these little Christmas writing prompt pages for you. All you have to do is download them and print them out.
cropped - Untitled-1
cropped - Untitled2
You can download the freebie from my TpT store HERE. I hope you and your students enjoy my little freebie.

Happy Cyber Monday (and Tuesday)!!!!


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