Sunday, September 9, 2012

Recent Revelation & Self Recrimination

Let me explain about this title......Recently, I discovered that one of my gifted students was having a very difficult time reading on grade-level. It truly came as a shock to me because this child didn't seem to have a lot of trouble comprehending things in my classroom. However, I must add that we don't do a lot of read-alouds in my least we didn't. We WILL now. I do not ever want to have something like this pop up in front of me and catch me unaware. I feel so guilty that this child has gone all through last year and already has 5 weeks of school behind her before someone noticed her problem. I spoke with her grade level reading teacher and was told that some of the other students would laugh at her when she read aloud in class. I felt so badly for this child. It isn't her fault and we have let her fall through the crack....but she isn't going to fall any further, if I can help it!

I administered an ARI and took my results to begin a tutoring regimen to help her become a successful reader. I know deep down that it isn't just my fault for missing the fact that she only reads two grade levels below her current grade. I only have her once a week for gifted classes. However, I still feel badly for her and it really irks me that I could have been having read-alouds in my class and would have noticed this much earlier and she wouldn't have been so far behind.

The great thing is that she wants to improve and be a successful reader so she is working hard to make it happen. I am so proud of her. I know with her attitude she will beat this problem and come out on top!

Am I the only person that has had this happen? What do other teachers do to try to prevent events like this from occurring? Does anyone have any other suggestions for preventing problems like this?

I am really looking for answers to my questions as I don't want others like her to have the same issue with allowed to fall through the cracks because they are quiet and don't make a fuss.

Hope everyone has a terrific week!!!!

Happy Blogging & TEACHING!!!!


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