Sunday, February 17, 2013

We Have Winners!!!

Well, the 100 follower giveaway has ended and we have allowed Rafflecopter to choose the winners of our little giveaway. You can find the 100 Follower Giveaway posted here.

I have posted all over the internet already using Google+, Facebook, and Twitter. So, if you are a follower on any of those social media already know who the winners are. But, just in case, I am posting a notice here as well.

The winner in the Grade K-2 category is:   Yvonnee Gaynor

The winner in the Grade 3-5 category is:   Kirra Lehmann

The winner in the Grade 6-8 category is:   Rachel M

The winner of the $25 TpT gift certificate is:  Ashley Kiebler

Congratulations ladies....all of you will be receiving an email very soon telling of your good fortune in this giveaway. We will be sending the items you won as well. I hope all of you enjoy your prizes!


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