Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer is Here!! Now the work begins!

Hi All!! I know I haven't been here as much as I should. But hopefully that is changing. Summer officially started for me on May 28th...but due to all the goings on...daughters wedding and other things...I am claiming today as my official beginning of summer!

I am currently working on a new item item that is turning out to be HUGE for my TpT store. I am really into organization. It just makes my life easier and last school year, I put together a binder to try and keep myself organized. It worked pretty well. But after having used it, I decided it needed some tweeking. So that is what I'm doing now...that and making it all beautiful! Once it is finished I will do a reveal post.

I have a lot of plans for new product that will be going into my store in the next few weeks. So...be on the lookout!



  1. Happy first day of summer to you! :)


    1. Thanks for stopping by.....good luck in 5th grade next year!