Saturday, June 15, 2013

Typical Characteristics of Gifted Children

As a teacher of Gifted/Talented students, I get questions pertaining to giftedness often. One of the questions I hear most often, from parents and other teachers is, how do I know my child/student is gifted?

Today's post will begin a new series on Gifted/Talented children. The purpose of these posts is to help parents and teachers of gifted/talented children assist these children in reaching their fullest potential.

Understand, there is no one test that can determine the giftedness of an individual. As educators, we use a multitude of information to determine a child's giftedness.

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Characteristics of Gifted Children

Keep in mind, you most likely will not see all of these characteristics in any child.  These are the typical characteristics that may be seen:
  • high level of language/verbal development
  • high level of curiosity
  • very sensitive
  • creative
  • often intensely motivated/persistent/ goal-oriented
  • many times will resist direction or interruption
  • often critical toward others
  • dislikes routine and drill work
  • prefers individualized work/needs freedom of movement and action
  • has difficulty with criticism and is vulnerable to peer rejection
  • can see diverse and unusual relationships
  • unrealistic self-expectations/ often a perfectionist
  • able to generate original and ideas and solutions
  • has a keen sense of humor
  • displays an increase sense of justice
  • shows leadership ability
  • has inconsistencies between intellectual maturity and social, emotional, and physical development
  • sometimes may show poor test performance and achievement in basic skills areas
  • daily work may frequently be incomplete or poorly done
  • may have low self-esteem
  • inability to focus attention and concentrate efforts on tasks
  • difficulty making and keeping friends
Some of these characteristics seem to contradict one another, however, these are typical behaviors of gifted children. Your child or student may exhibit some but not all of these characteristics at one time or another.

Do you have a child or student that exhibits some of these characteristics?

Check back for the next installment in this gifted information series. I will be talking next on Encouraging Creativity.


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